• Rigged Shrimp Soft Plastic,glw shrimp,1-0

Rigged Shrimp Soft Plastic,glw shrimp,1-0

The Rigged Shrimp has taken the US saltwater community by storm. Shrimp are the single most important forage for all saltwater game fish including Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Snook, and Tarpon. The Rigged Shrimp is designed to mimic a live Shrimp swimming in a forward motion. It can be cast and retrieved, or fished
under a popping cork. A built in rattle generates the �clicking' sound Shrimp make while swimming.


- Type Of Water: Saltwater
- Size: 3"
- Hook Size: #1/0
- Style: Soft Plastic
- Depth: Variable
- Weight: 1/4 oz
- Color: Glow Shrimp
- Quantity: Per 4