Eyelets & Guides: What is Quality?

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Guides: the guides or eyelets along the length of your fishing pole probably seem to be an insignificance part of your fish catching equipment. But let’s take a closer look.

Your guides make sure your fishing line travels along the pole and moves freely. The more guides the pole has usually signify a higher quality rod. The guides may have inserts in them. Most inserts for guides are made of hardened ceramic composite. The advantage to the consumer is that the ceramic is very smooth and allows your fishing line to go through it with ease. If you are looking to throw your bait a ½ mile – composite inserts in your guides is the way to go. The advantage to the manufacture is that guides with inserts are cheaper than higher quality guides. The disadvantage is that the inserts will inevitably fall out and you are left with a guide that will tear up and weaken your fishing line.

Using braided fishing line will compound this problem by wearing out the inserts even faster.

Stainless steel guides are strong enough to withstand the abrasiveness of braided line and have no inserts to wear and fall out. They are stronger and will not ]distort or lose their uniformity.

All MondoCat poles use stainless steel guides.

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