Fiberglass VS Graphite poles

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Fiberglass or just “Glass” versus Graphite: The makeup of your catfish pole can be of several different materials or variations and composites. Both types will work and it is a personal preference to which will hang on your wall. Knowing the differences will help you decide which will work best for you. The major difference is weight. Graphite fishing poles can be made to be extremely light and still have good power and strength. Fiberglass can be heavy depending on manufacturer and wall thickness. Graphite poles are notoriously brittle and can break much easier than glass poles. You can bump a graphite pole, weaken it and not know it. Later you can have a failure and not know what happened. Glass poles have the advantage of being able to withstand rougher treatment and handling. Glass poles are cheaper to make and can be purchased usually for less money.

Most catfish poles are of glass construction. Weight is of less importance when catfishing because you are not throwing lures all day. Strength yet sensitive enough to feel what is at the end of you line is what makes a good catfish pole.

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