Nemaha County Fair

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One of the enjoyable aspects of selling MondoCat fishing poles is the chance to

get out and be among other fishermen. Fishermen are pronounced story tellers

and you get to hear boundless fish stories.

We recently had the opportunity to be a participant in the Nemaha County,

Nebraska county fair. Our booth was only 9 miles from the great catfish fishery,

Missouri River.

We were there for four days and had a wonderful time meeting with and talking

with fellow Catfisherman.

The story of the fair was a person came up to our booth with his girlfriend. They

had just come back from fishing on the Missouri River. He had hooked a big

catfish and the monster had come toward the boat faster that he could loosen his

drag. The fish went under his boat and bang – the fish broke his pole and he lost

the fish. He and his girlfriend, who already owns a MondoCat Pink pole, docked

their boat, drove to Auburn and came to our booth. He walked up and said I want

a new pole, which he bought, turned around and with his ne MondoCat pole in

hand; he was headed back to the river.

To all the people who we visited with during the fair, thank you for interest and all

your stories. We will see you next year!

Until then, go fishing!

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