Spinning or Casting? What’s your favorite?

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Spinning or casting?


To someone who has had a fishing pole in his or her hand all their life looking at

a pole and knowing whether it is a spinning rod or casting rod seems like an easy

thing to do. But for those who are learning; let’s look at the differences and why.

A casting reel’s line comes out of the reel relatively flat and horizontal with the

blank of the fishing pole. Because of this the guides or fishing line eyelets do not

need to be very large. The guides are smaller to help hold and control the fishing

line coming out of reel and while you are fighting your fish.

But, a spinning reel hangs down from the pole a farther distance from the fishing

pole itself so the fishing line is at a greater angle from the pole. For this reason

the first couple of guides are required to be bigger to allow the line to run

through them.

So, now the next time you go up to a display of fishing poles you will be able to

recognize the differences between spinning and casting fishing poles. Spinning

poles will have bigger guides at the handle end of the pole.

MondoCat fishing poles come in both spinning and casting models. Pick one out

today! Happy Fishing!





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