Spring Time Catfishing: Starts Now!

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Spring is a great time to go catfishing. Catfish have been on a limited diet

all winter. They are hungry and ready to bulk up for the summer.

Everything goes back to temperature of the water the catfish are

swimming in. Whether you are targeting Channels, Blues or Flatheads the water

temperature has a deciding factor on your success. As the sun stays out longer

and warms the water the catfish’s natural instincts take hold and tell them to go

find food. They need to put on pounds getting ready for the mid-summer spawn

that is only a couple of months away.

In lakes, with surface water to absorb the sun’s heat, things are quicker to

pick up. Large rivers are getting their water from up north. This water is coming

directly from melting snow and ice. Obviously this water is very cold and keeps

river water a little colder longer.

Channels and blues are the first of the catfish to come out of winter

hibernation with flatheads usually following right behind them.

Catfish are opportunistic feeders. They will eat about anything. All types of

catfish are swimming sonar machines. They have sensors all across their bodies

that can sense movements in the water and smell what is around them. Channel

Catfish can smell better then Blues and Flatheads. Blues and Flathead do a better

job in “feeling” motion in the water and find their food through pulsations in the

water. Because of this Blues and Flathead are best caught with live bait, although

both can be caught with fresh cut bait. Blues at times can be caught easier with

fresh cut bait than with live bait.

Find what kind of bait fish is in the water you are fishing and use that,

whether live or fresh cut bait. Using the bait the catfish are used to ups you

success rate.

Whether you use live or cut bait, you are fishing for Blues, Channels or

Flatheads, in a river or a lake – remember: A bad day fishing is better than a good

day at work!

Pick up a MondoCat fishing pole and go catfishing today.

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