The Handle: bring power to your fishing.

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The handle or gripping area of your fishing pole has great importance. It is the

obvious place you hang onto your pole but of even more significance it is the

place you use to power your catch to the net.

There are many types of material used by manufactures in the construction of the

fishing poles grips. Cork and UV foam are some of the more popular.

Both types of these materials are cheap and easy to use but have disadvantages.

Cork and foam can get slick and hard to hang onto when they become wet or

slimy, which is going to happen when catching fish. The diameter of both cork

and foam are usually quite large and it makes them hard to fit into most brands

of rod holders. Sometimes they just fit but then are difficult to get back out. UV

foam will degrade with sunlight and the cork is soft and will deteriorate. Neither

are good long term grip materials.



MondoCat poles use a heavy parachute cord wrapping for their grips. The

wrappings are securely attached and will not come loose. The grip diameter is

smaller so it fits into all types of rod holders and make for easy withdrawal when

you have a fish on. The smaller diameter fits your hand better which makes it

easier to hold onto and for a good solid grasp of the pole. The cord wrapping

gives you a good solid non-slip grip even when wet or slimy. The heavy duty cord

wrapping is made to last for the long term and will still be ready for action when

you pass down your MondoCat pole to your grandkids.

MondoCat poles use a camo design to wrap their grips to give the fishing poles a

classic look. Check them out today.

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