Under Wrappings-advice for broken or loose rod guides.

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We all have rods in the shed that the guides are coming loose or have already

became wobbly and are just hanging on, making the rods unusable. It is very

frustrating. How do you prevent this from happening?

Sadly there is little you can do after the fact but later in this article I will tell you

what you can do. When your pole is built is where the prevention needs to

happen. If you have poles with guides that have come loose, rest assured, you

are doing nothing wrong. Normal usage of your fishing rods makes the guides

move, twist and tweak. When your rods were made, the manufacturer attached

the guides to your pole by setting the guide directly on the pole and then putting

wrapping (usually tread) over the guide and epoxying or gluing the guide to the

pole. If you use your fishing pole long enough the guides will eventually tear

loose the wrappings, epoxy and bindings that have been put over the top of them

to hold them and they become loose, especially in the middle of the pole where it

bends and flexes the most.

Check your rods over closely; you can sometimes see it before it happens.

Around the guides you will notice a different color at the base of the guide. It

begins like a gray, dull area around the guide; this is an air pocket where the

epoxy has worked loose.

What you CAN do is to purchase a fishing pole that has been manufactured with

under wrappings, under the guides. MondoCat Max poles and many of the rods

in the MondoCat’s fishing pole line-up have under wrappings for their guides.

Under wrappings is a first layer of thread going around the pole to give the

guide a better footprint on the pole. When the over wrapping and epoxy are

applied it makes for a much more secure fit and will keep the guide tight for years

of service. Under wrappings is more expensive to make but rods with under

wrapping will provide you with a better investment of your dollar spent.

Check out the MondoCat Max poles today.

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