What is the right length for your catfish pole?

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Length of your catfishing pole

How long of a catfishing pole is relative to the size of the catfish you are trying to

catch. A 3lb Channel cat will not require a fishing pole that has been hone out of

an oak tree. But if your goal is to boat a behemoth Blue or Flathead catfish you

have to have a fishing pole that is up to the task.

One of the first things we have to learn is that we do not catch the fish, the fishing

pole does. The fishing pole is the lever we use to bring the fish to us. We are the

ones using this instrument or fishing tool.

The backbone of the fishing pole provides the power used to reel the fish in.

When you hook the fish and your pole is bent it is considered “loaded”. As

long as the pole is loaded the fish is not able to spit your hook out. Just as

your Grandpa or Dad probably taught you, you pull back and reel down, always

keeping your pole with some bend in it, or loaded.

The more length a pole has down below your reel helps you hold the fish as you

fight him. A fishing pole with a pistol grip handle does not give much strength

to battle a big fish. The area where your reel mounts is the fulcrum of this lever.

MondoCat poles have @15” length of handle below their reel seats.

With a longer pole you have a strong lever. Too long of a pole and you can

sacrifice sensitivity you need to feel the bite.

Storage of the poles is something to consider as well as ease of handling the

longer poles.

To bring a big catfish from deep water and fighting heavy river currents you are

going to want a pole of 7’ or 8’ lengths.

MondoCat poles come in 7’ – 7’6” & 8’ lengths.

Find your best length here!

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