• MondoCat Stringers

MondoCat Stringers


Special fish need a special stringer for both display and preservation. This twelve-strand, polypropylene rope (5/16ths) will not absorb water or lose its strength over time. It’s extra-easy to use:  it has a point that is simple to guide through the lip of your mondo catfish.  On one end, a large metal ring enables you to quickly loop the stringer back through itself and hold your catch without a hitch. The other end has been secured within a heavy- walled aluminum tube. What a system! The super-sturdy MondoString is very flexible, but meaty enough to hold all your meat-eating cats for many fishing trips to come.

Bonus: these long lasting stringers can be purchased in both 10 and 15 foot lengths. The extra-long version makes it simple to keep your catch down in cooler water while you continue your fishing – always a good idea since the water near the surface can get surprisingly warm and ruin your trophy catch!

Choose 12-strand regular or MondoMax 3-strand stringer.