• We Don't Flush the Grass - Brad Durick

We Don't Flush the Grass - Brad Durick


We Don't Flush the Grass: Thoughts, Ideas, and Stories From the Outdoors Paperback – October 21, 2014

There are certain things in life you just never forget. For me it was the day my boy, Braden urinated in the front lawn of our lake house and proudly proclaimed "Daddy, We don't flush the grass." I have to admit the boy was right. Now that I have your attention, this book is actually a series of outdoor stories and thoughts as I learned the ways of nature and honed my skills as an angler. Some are funny, some are serious but here is something for everyone to enjoy. There are also some tributes to great people who mentored me along the way. North Dakota is a great place to grow up in the outdoors and I hope you enjoy reliving some of my experiences with me. Don't worry Braden was not forgotten either. He loves the outdoors too and adds a twist to my experiences that are so priceless that he got his own chapter and photo gallery.