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Colossal Cat Landing Net

Colossal Cat Landing Net

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MondoCat is introducing their new line of landing nets. These nets are high quality, all aluminum construction and Made in the USA. Netting is a golden yellow and the handles are MondoCat blue.

Each net comes with your choice of one of the following handles. One handle is included in the price of the net.

Handle Options

  •  Telescoping Handle 28" - 48"
  •  Telescoping Handle 40" - 72"
  •  Telescoping Handle 50" - 96"

Net Size

  •  30" wide x 36" long x 36" loaded depth
  •  2" Mesh Net

Landing Net Specs

  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Scooped Leading Edge
  • Octagon Hoop Shape
  • Environmental-Friendly
  • Latex-Coated Netting Protects Fish Slime and Scales
  • Latex-Infused for Hook Snag-Resistance

Handle Specs

  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Telescoping Handles
  • Handles  Are Easily Detachable From Landing Nets
  • Handles Are Interchangeable
  • Quick-Release Telescopic Handles
  • Telescoping Handles Can Be Locked At Any Length
  • Measuring Ruler on Telescopic Handles


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