• MondoCat Line Breaker - Sale

MondoCat Line Breaker - Sale

One of MondoCat's best sellers in on sale. The MondoCat Line Breaker is yours to have at an end of show season sale price of $9.99. This popular item normally sells for $19.99. Get them while they last. These are of a limited quantity.

Gain leverage, give up the bloody fingers!

When you’re fishing for “trophy cats,” the last thing you want to do is slow down your momentum by having to fuss with snagged lines. If you use braided line, it’s an even bigger problem. When you get caught on branches or rocks, you’ll likely lose your weight and swivel as well as your leader and hook.

But you’ll also lose time.

If you’re impatient (who isn’t?), you’ll probably grab the line and tug. Arrgh! That hurts! Your braided line easily cuts into your fingers, creating a painful distraction from your trophy agenda!

Prevent the pain by wrapping your stubborn line around the point of the MondoCat line breaker three or four times; then, just pull. *Your line will “break clean” and nothing else will be damaged. You’ll only lose your leader and hook; no need to buy yet another weight and swivel!

It’s all about leverage.

This clever tool from MondoCat fits your hand easily. It’s ergonomically-designed to save you time so you can “get on with your business.”

*works best when your leader is slightly less heavy than your fishing line