• MondoPink - Medium
  • MondoPink - Medium
  • MondoPink - Medium
  • MondoPink - Medium

MondoPink - Medium


 You’ve got the touch! Strong and long-lasting. MondoPink poles are assembled in the United States on e-glass blanks. These pole are outfitted with graphite reel seats that have a super-sensitive “feel” for the Big Nibble! After you’ve got a bite, these one-piece poles, sized at 7, or 8 feet, give you the action and leverage you need to pull out your dream flathead or Big Blue!

Everyone on the river will stare at your distinctive Pink pole because the extra leverage length handles are wrapped in a unique, neon pink-colored paracord wrap. The paracord-wrapped handle is easy to grip even when wet or covered with slime. But nearly as good: they’re gorgeous!

Your success is written in steel. Every MondoPink pole features stainless steel guides and a stainless steel tip. Even the graphite reel seats give you the confidence to sense the interest of even the most introverted Big Blue or flathead!

Extra features, extra value:

  • Top of the line manufacturing processes that includes securing the guides with several coats of epoxy, that will enable the guides to resist coming loose or even failing, for many many years to come, even under the stress of catching that big once in a lifetime catfish. What a relief!
  • All poles are assembled right here in the United States.
  • All poles available in both casting and spin cast models

The MondoPink is a medium power pole with medium fast action. The MondoPink supports 10-50 pound line weight and 2-8 ounce lure weight.

MondoPink Medium poles come in both spinning and casting and are equipped with:

  • A heavy bulb style butt cap
  • Paracord wrapped handle to give you a secure grip while fighting big catfish, even when it becomes wet or slimy
  • Graphite reel seat
  • Minimum of five, with some models having up to six, SS-304 stainless steel double footed heavy duty boat guides with a double chrome outer coating and no inserts to fall out or give problems
  • All guides have a minimum of 3 coats of hard setting epoxy to give years of trouble free guide placement
  • Stainless steel tip
  • All components are assembled here in the USA on an ultra-strong American made e-glass blanks